About the Acupuncturist

Justin Hays is a licensed acupuncturist (Hawaii) and Master of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture (MAOM).  He graduated in 2011 from the Academy of Oriental Medicine Austin, Texas (AOMA), which is now known as AOMA Graduate School of Integrative medicine.  AOMA was the third school in the nation to offer the acupuncture doctoral program, and is known for a very rigorous course schedule (perhaps the most rigorous outside of California).  Most of the teachers at AOMA are sent directly from China and experts in their field. 

The school training for MAOM is an 8 year program that includes comprehensive training in the field of Oriental medicine and more than 1000 clinical hours of patient treatments. Each student sees more than 667 patients before ever graduating school.  Justin accepted his first acupuncture client in 2007 and has now been practicing acupuncture for 10 years.  Justin first opened his clinic in Honolulu in early 2012.  In 2014 Justin purchased Maui Acupuncture (MauiAcupuncture.com) and relocated from Honolulu to Maui.  Although he enjoys frequent off island trips he has been practicing on Maui ever since.  

Comprehensive Training
Justin is NCCAOM certified and licensed to practice acupuncture in Hawaii (LAC 1026). Comprehensive training in the field of Oriental medicine includes training in acupuncture, Chinese herbal prescription, Chinese nutrition, Moxibustion, Guasha, Heat therapy, topical herbs, Chinese nutrition, and cupping. It also includes courses in ethics, practice managent, tai chi, and qigong. .

Specialized Training:
Aside from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Justin Hays, LAc is a specialist in Dr Tan's balance method for achieving instant results in clinical treatment. He also is highly trained at Chinese medical diagnosis using the 5 element system. Justin also specializes in Chinese Nutrition and believe that many problems can be solved by adjusting diet according to the principles of Oriental medicine.

Notes on Style
Justin is proud to be known as a "light needler" meaning his acupuncture treatments are not especially painful. His goal is to maximize effectiveness while minimizing pain. He primarily seeks to activate the "qi", or the body's invisible energy, during each treatment. The is known as "de qi" sensation and is also the goal of Japanese style needling.

Other areas of Interest:
Justin also uses Master Tung's points, e-stim (tens unit with leads attached to needles), manual therapy (medical massage), and the 4-needle technique for overall balancing of the body's constitution. Justin has recently begun integrating amniotic stem cell therapy with help from the Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii.

Does he accept insurance?
Except from worker's comp and UHA most health plans are accepted. We even accept many mainland PPO's - please verify your insurance online before you arrive using the link at the bottom of this page.

Hours of Operation
Justin keeps normal business hours Monday thru Thursday 9am - 4pm. Weekends may be available on a case by case basis please call to schedule your appointment.

Personal Interests
Aside from acupuncture Justin is an avid traveller, and hobbyist musician, who loves to be in the water. He enjoys surfing, snorkeling, just about anything to do with the water.  Justin owns a condo in the Philippines, since salaries are not high enough for him to buy a home in Maui he chose to invest overseas.  He also works full time at the ARC of Maui County helping people with disabilities to lead more fulfilling lives. During his spare time Justin also does web design, and dabbles in real estate.

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Justin Hays, LAc, MAOM
Owner MauiAcupuncture.com

JL Hays