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Hello my name is Justin Hays LAc, and I'm the third generation owner of Maui Acupuncture. My main office is in Lahaina and I have a satellite location in Kihei. I specialize in pain management and Chinese nutrition. Diet and lifestyle are often the root cause of disease, but stuck thoughts, feelings, and emotions can make it seem impossible for clients to make different choices. My unique clinical approach examines the holistic "big picture" and offers a variety of tools to help address both acute and chronic health problems. Book Online HERE

On the whole acupuncture is an incremental gains sort of health care system, but there are some things that can be resolved instantly with just one treatment. In particular I tend to achieve dramatic instant relief with sports injuries and acute pain using acupuncture systems like Dr. Tan's balance method. Temporary (acute) emotional disorders can also change very quickly in clinic, while chronic (long term) problems tend to require regular visits combined with diet and herbs. Because Chinese medicine is based on more than 3000 years of medical use in China, it is a highly developed comprehensive healing system that can treat a wide variety of problems. Oriental medicine is not just acupuncture. Acupuncture is only one small part of the field which also includes Chinese herbs, nutrition, body exercises like tai chi, qigong, cupping, moxabustion, guasha, and more. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine are based in Taoist philosophy and they work to balance and harmonize the invisible energy system (qi) of the body.

As I mentioned acupuncture is a system based on incremental gains. When there is a deficiency in one organ system we look look for an excess in another organ system and move the energy around to help balance it out. Excess is easy to reduce and can change very quickly, while deficiency syndromes take more time to heal. With regular care the yin and yang become more harmonious over time, and a greater sense of balance is experienced. But years of clinical practice have taught me that in some cases the problem goes beyond what Chinese medicine was designed to address....in some cases balancing is not enough because the root cause of imbalance has not been adressed. An example might be someone who is suffering from diabetes but can't quit drinking alcohol. In these sorts of cases we can only get so far with acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition before we have to address the underlying behavioral issues and belief systems.

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Acupuncture in Lahaina, and Greater Maui area

I incorporate an integrative approach to Chinese Medicine, which means I usually understand what your medical doctors are telling you. Please DO bring relevant blood work, xrays, and MRIs when available. While they may not influence my treatment plan directly they will help me to paint the holistic "big picture" and may provide valuable clues to assist you on your healing journey. For instance I have helped diagnose people who were suffering from problems due to taking precription drugs that were designed to solve other problems. This is why the "big picture" approach is so important, and so effective.

I believe that approximately 50% of all Americans could correctly be diagnosed with adrenal fatigue at some point in their lives. The main cause of adrenal fatique is prolonged stress. The average American is under a tremendous amount of stress, and rather than addressing it with stress busting activities the tendency is just to shove it deeper and try to ignore it. Over time the adrenal fatigue develops, and can often be a warning sign of bigger problems to come.

I encourage you to start your healing journey today by contacting me to book an appointment. The holistic approach is amazingly effective at clearing stress and inflammation from both body and mind. Our work together is intended to identify every input into your health problems and then create a comprehensive plan to help you begin the healing process. This approach is 100% natural, safe, gentle, and has no unwanted side effects. The payoff - total health - is too great to ignore.

If you'd like more information on my treatments techniques and my training I encourage you to download my free e-book The Path to Wellness. To get the free e-book just leave your name and email address in the form on this page. This e-book will answer many of your questions and help you better understand how I can facilitate you on your road to recovery.

Call me Today at 808-661-9949 to book an appointment or you can Book Online. During our initial appointment, we will discuss your healthcare needs and goals and put together a plan that will optimize your chance for long-term success.

I understand it can feel challenging to try new things. My goal is to make you feel extremely comfortable and safe once you visit the office. My acupuncture style is very gentle, and I use only single use sterile (disposable) needles. My intention is that the first acupuncture treatment is above all an enjoyable experience. Most of my patients are astonished by how relaxed and invigorated they feel after their first appointment. In fact, many of them make remarks such as, 'I can't believe I have waited this long to try this! This is amazing! I wish I would have seen you years ago!' Check out some testimonials here, and you can find even more testimonials on the services pages (click the services menu on the right hand side of this screen), and on my facebook fan page.

Your health is too important to put off for another moment. Call my office today, and let's get you back to feeling young, vital, and balanced again. It IS possible.. and it's my mission to offer you the best natural health care in Maui.

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"I have had several treatments from Justin Hays and can say that there has been always instant improvement of the health issues at hand. Justin is very professional but at the same time approaches you with great compassion. He explains well what he is going to do and administers with great care. I absolutely can recommend Justin, he is my preferred acupuncturist."

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